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National Prevention Network Operators


In June 1993 was held in Patras, from the Movement "PROTASIS" 1st Nationwide Organizations Meeting on the Prevention of Addictive Substances. During the work of the operators, following a proposal by Ms Maria Chourdaki, they found the need to find a method of organization and coordination between them, on a nationwide scale.

A few months before the 2nd Panhellenic Meeting, the following letter carriers Movement "PROTASIS" repositioned on the matter and considered it necessary to discuss the matter again, as was part of the 2nd Nationwide. The November 1995 takes place in Patras from the Movement "PROTASIS" 2nd Panhellenic Meeting on "The quality of our lives lever for the prevention of addictive substances" in which it was decided unanimously to launch the nationwide organization. To this end, the Movement "PROTASIS" convened a new meeting in Athens on 26/01/96 at the offices of O.KA.NA. There was prepared and approved the first operation under the Panhellenic Network (then participated bodies only by Greece) and was elected the first seven-member Coordinating Secretariat of the Network. The Network, after a journey of 20 years, returns to birthplace: 5 to June 8, 2013 was held in Patras, the Movement 'PROTASIS' for an Other Lifestyle and Prevention Centre for Addiction and Promotion of Psychosocial Health IP Achaia the 9th National Meeting entitled: "by adjusting to a changing society."



The National Network of Addiction Prevention Agencies bodies is one form of connection that develop programs for the prevention of dependencies and promoting psychosocial health in Greece and Cyprus. Started by the human need for meeting, exchange of experience and mutual support of people and organizations who believed in the vision of a collaborative development of the Cause of prevention in our country and became a model example functional Networking.

It is an informal networking format which provides a flexibility to shape the organizational structure and operation, so as to act in the best possible way the goals and the objectives. The organization that aims at the fullest possible participation and expression of all members of the network and provides a potential organizational changes that will be decided in plenary without other necessary paperwork.

That is why the network chooses to hold an informal (and not a typical form eg club or company statutes under the current Civil Code), which provides a flexibility to shape the organizational structure and function so, they are served in the best possible manner the goals and the objectives. This is obviously a form of organization in line with the principles of prevention.



The Primary prevention is the set of actions, aimed at the wider social groups and aim at physical, mental and social well-being of the individual reducing risks occur conditions, situations and behaviors that harm the individual.

Prevention kits developed in the framework of interventions - programs aimed at health promotion and the development of personal and social skills, to ensure the well-being (sensitivity development, imagination, creative attitudes in life, resistance skills to pressure for negative - deviant - divergent behaviors).

Basic principles for effective prevention

Basic belief Prevention Network are: prevention is effective not by what we say but by what we do. In this sense the mode of prevention bodies and in this case the network, must be possessed by the principles, values ​​and how you are and early prevention.

The alternative lifestyle that encourages, educates and encourages members and organizations of society to work in a different way, to be applies first and foremost to the operation of the Network, as well as its members.

The mitigation of antagonisms, the cooperativeness, the use of all aspects of the effort to synthesize in diversity, respect for persons and organizations is a continuous effort of the Network members. This continuous effort strengthens prevention through personal and collective training, which promotes this model in society in a way that contributes to the growth and development of all of us.

Basic principles of prevention programs

    Prevention programs aimed at the physical, mental, spiritual and social development of man and the achievement of well-being through:

    Enhancing one's personality
Strengthening and reconstruction of basic social institutions (family system, the educational community, etc.)
The correct and accurate information about dependencies

    Preventive interventions respond to the characteristics and peculiarities of the target group.

    Seek and facilitate the creation of networks of cooperation between different sectors and services, to increase the community's capacity to take on this dynamically developing conditions necessary to protect and promote health.

A comprehensive program leads to information - information on the use of educational and experiential methods active participation, aimed not only at increasing knowledge and to acquire new skills and other behaviors.



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